From nutrition facts and menu trends to different varieties and flavors, the Mushroom Council has all the resources you need.

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  • Mushrooms in Meatless Cuisine: Mushrooms’ meaty flavor and texture make them a great meat alternative in vegetarian dishes, while making a meal sophisticated and satisfying.
  • Umami Fact Sheet: Discover the taste of umami in nature’s hidden treasure.
  • Umami White Paper: This explains what umami is and how it can be used to the maximum flavor advantage.


  • Mediterranean Cuisine: Mushrooms’ earthy, meaty, satisfying flavor profile complements any Mediterranean dish.


  • Value of Mushrooms: Explore how mushrooms can help foodservice professionals cut costs and add value.

Additional Resources

  • Highlights Brochure: Includes mushroom recipes and photography, nutrition information as well as tips on the best ways to store and handle mushrooms.
  • Talking Mushrooms: A testimonial from Chef Bob Okura of The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Mushroom Varieties: Information on different flavors, preparation steps and best uses of the five most popular mushroom varieties.
  • How Mushrooms’ Nutrients Stack Up: With fewer calories than a rice cake and zero grams of fat, mushrooms are still a source of several important nutrients.
  • Mushroom Education Workbook: A resource for teachers and students with information and lesson plans about the history of mushrooms, farming in Kennett Square, PA, how mushrooms grow, the parts of mushrooms and recycling in the mushroom-farming industry.
  • Assessment of Fresh Mushrooms in the Foodservice Channel: Provides key insights into the perception of fresh mushrooms.

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