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4 Reasons to Love Mushrooms This Month

Whether effortlessly blended in a traditional meal, or elegantly topping a savory burger, mushrooms provide the perfect finishing touch. In addition to being a tasty addition to virtually any meal, there are many reasons to be mad about mushrooms. Since February is the month to celebrate love, we’re sharing the top four out of countless reasons why mushrooms are the most lovable addition to your cooking plans!

Mushrooms are Gluten Free

Like all fruits and veggies, mushrooms are naturally gluten free making them a perfect base for modifying culinary favorites which traditionally contain gluten. Swap your wheat flour pizza crust with a portabella cap, like in this Roasted Portabella Pizza. Even hamburger buns can be recreated using mushrooms! Check out these Portabella and Halloumi “Burgers” for a fresh take on an American favorite.

Mushrooms are easily blended

The ease with which finely chopped mushrooms blend with any lean ground meat make them a delicious and healthy addition to meals your family already loves. Whether they’re blended into kid-friendly Sloppy Joes, or mixed into Mushroom, Potato and Chorizo Tacos, mushrooms provide increased nutritional benefits in a cost-effective (and tasty!) way.


Mushrooms’ high nutritional value make them a perfect addition to anyone following a Vegan diet. The versatility of mushrooms make them a perfect partner for vegan appetizers, such as Grilled Rosemary Mushroom Skewers or a great alternative to meat in Marinated Grilled Mushrooms.


Whether you’re full-time vegetarian, or simply a fan of Meatless Mondays, mushrooms’ hearty texture make them a perfect go-to for anyone looking for an alternative to meat in the dishes they’re whipping up. It’s easy to replace meat in a tasty breakfast such as mushroom Portabella Omelet topped with Portabella “Bacon” or atop a tangy Grilled Portabella Caesar Salad.

For more inspiration on how to incorporate tasty, nutrient rich mushrooms into your diet, check out our Mushroom Monday Pinterest board!

New Year, New You Recipe Round-Up

The winter holidays have come and gone, leaving extra full bellies in their trail. With a healthy lifestyle being a priority for many, this year we encourage you to make over your favorite meals with mushrooms. In addition to being a savory addition to meals that you already love, finely chopped mushrooms blend perfectly with ground beef or turkey to create lighter versions of your favorites.

To honor your pledge for a lighter lifestyle, we’re sharing a roundup of some of our favorite mushroom resources!

Pan Roasted Mushrooms

Gaby from What’s Gaby Cooking shares a recipe for Pan Roasted Mushrooms that will make you rethink your basic scrambled eggs. 

Pan Roasted Mushrooms by What's Gaby Cooking

Pan Roasted Mushrooms are my jam. I enjoy them the same way most people feel about candy. I think it must be because I went 24 years without eating mushrooms and I’ve been making up for lost time the last three years.

I stock crimini mushrooms at all times, so I’ll whip up a quick batch of pan roasted mushrooms and serve them alongside some scrambled eggs and fresh chives for a nutritious and delicious breakfast!

I’ve officially killed my herb garden through neglect, so instead of using fresh thyme, I’m using dried thyme! Either one works, but if you’ve killed your garden like me, or it’s gone into hibernation for the fall, dried thyme is 100% acceptable.

Can we talk about scrambling eggs while we’re on the breakfast train? I’m more of a slow-cooked, over low-heat, gal so the eggs end up like ribbons and are smooth when you eat them.

So with these pan roasted mushrooms, perfectly scrambled eggs, and freshly chopped chives, you will have a delicious breakfast on your hands that’s in season all year long.

Pan Roasted Mushrooms


  • 8 ounces Crimini mushrooms, cleaned and cut into quarters
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil or butter
  • ½ teaspoon dried thyme
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • 8 large eggs
  • shredded parmesan cheese


  1. Heat the olive oil over high heat. Once hot, add the mushrooms, dried thyme and garlic powder and sauté for 10 minutes until the mushrooms are soft and their flavor deepens, almost to the point of caramelization to bring out their earthly and decadent flavor. Once fully cooked, remove from the pan and season with salt and pepper.
  2. In the same pan, add a touch more olive oil or butter if needed and heat over medium high heat. In a medium bowl, crack the eggs and whisk together. Carefully pour the eggs into the hot pan and using a spatula, slowly drag it along the bottom of the pan allowing the eggs to cook slowly and evenly.
  3. Once the eggs are cooked, season them with salt and pepper and transfer even portions to 4 plates. Add equal amounts of mushrooms to all 4 plates and sprinkle with chives and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Serve immediately.

Back-To-School Fruit & Veggie Makeovers

Mushroom Pear and Gorgonzola Bites

Image Courtesy of Running to the Kitchen – RECIPE HERE

Chef Jackie Newgent, RDN, shares her favorite tips for making veggies and fruits enticing to kids as the new school year kicks off.

It’s back-to-school time! What better time to give healthy eating a kick start. One of the most impactful ways to make a difference is to boost fruit and veggie intake.

In fact, adolescents in the U.S. currently have fruit just once a day and vegetables only 1.3 times a day.(1) So there’s plenty of room to have a positive impact on eating—and ultimately better health. When presented in new ways, fruits and veggies can be extra appealing to kids.

Try these simple, nutritious, and easily adaptable meal makeover tips throughout the day to give your kids’ eating plan a flavorful and fun update—most in just 60 seconds or less.


Start the day on the right foot. It’s easier than you think to include veggies as part of your morning routine.

Before: Plain eggs

The Makeover: Eggs are a terrific vehicle in which to incorporate vegetables, such as mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers, and more. However, there’s not always time to prepare a fancy omelet with all of the fixings. Salsa counts as a veggie. So top scrambled eggs with a salsa of choice whether mild or hot.


Lettuce and lunch are perfect partners—especially when kids are involved in the prep.

Before: Iceberg lettuce leaf on a ham sandwich

The Makeover: Leafy lettuce greens provide an easy way to enjoy veggies. Stack a mixture of them high on a sandwich. Or if your school has a salad bar, have the kids visit it so they can create their own munchable salad bowlful for a school lunch entrée or side.  

After- School Snack:

It’s not always about the food; it’s often the presentation of it that matters the most to kids.

Before: Green grapes

The Makeover: Add a fun factor when serving grapes. Simply freeze them and serve in a sundae dish for more dessert like appeal. Or insert a combination of red and green grapes onto skewers and freeze to create real grape popsicle kebabs.


Mushrooms provide a meaty taste and can provide a unique way to boost veggie servings at dinnertime.

Before: Burger made with ground turkey

The Makeover: A turkey burger is a tasty and healthful protein pick. It’s also a fantastic way to include vegetables. Sure, top it with tomato and onion. Go beyond toppings, too. The burger can be part veggie; just mix together about equal parts ground turkey and quickly sautéed finely chopped mushrooms, and form into patties.

Dessert/Evening Snack:

To satisfy a “sweet tooth”, focus on naturally sweet food first (yes, fruit!), rather than traditional dessert that can be full of added sugar.

Before: Banana

The Makeover: Bananas are a popular fruit. But kids don’t usually think of them as dessert. So turn bananas into a recognizable dessert. Peel, chop, and freeze in advance; then puree the frozen pieces in a food processor to create 60-second banana “ice cream!”

Need more fruit and veggie tips? Just ask us below—or connect with Jackie on Twitter @jackienewgent.


(1)   The State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables, 2013, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

10 Simple Mushroom Additions

A recipe can sometimes seem perfect, and even when you follow the instructions to a science, you can be left thinking there’s a flavor, texture or spice that’s missing. Luckily, there is an easy and simple solution to this dilemma, which is always having mushrooms on hand. Whether it’s tossing them into a fajita mixture or dicing them into a meatball, mushrooms can be that flavorful, umami  ingredient that truly makes a dish shine.  Take a look at ten simple ways to take your recipes to the next level with mushrooms:

1) Sautéed mushrooms can last for a month in the freezer. Store in the freezer in small, proportioned storage bags, to keep on hand as an easy addition to pasta, burgers, pizza and more.

2) When you’re looking for a variety of flavors in one bite, stuffed mushrooms are the perfect go-to for an appetizer or light snack.

3) Mushrooms are a perfect pairing for an egg-based breakfast. From omelets, frittatas or breakfast burritos, they are a simple and easy addition to toss in at the spur of the moment.

4) If you want to add a hearty texture to your pasta sauce, diced mushrooms are the addition to your favorite recipe.

5) Risotto is a perfect comfort meal for any season, based on the variety of flavors you add from spring peas to fall squash. Luckily, mushrooms are a natural fit anytime of the year.

6) Prepare a vegetarian wrap for lunch with hummus, mushrooms and chickpeas and you’ll feel like you took a lunch break to the Mediterranean.

7) Mushrooms can put a savory twist on your baking routine as the filling for a Rustic Mushroom Tart.

8) Add a boost of flavor and nutrition to your quinoa with a handful of sautéed mushrooms.

9) Family favorites can get a dose of mushroom love, such as creamy and cheesy Baked Mushroom Mac and Cheese.

10) If you’re out of bread, portabella mushrooms can serve as a “meaty” and hearty replacement to a bun for your burger or sandwich, such as in this Portabella Halloumi Burger.

For more ideas, check out our full recipe database and discover mushrooms full potential in every meal.